Creek Fishing Adventures Experiences Growth

CLEVELAND, TN – The year 2019 has been good to YouTube sensation, John Dalton, of the popular channel Creek Fishing Adventures. John started this year with a healthy following of approximately 15,000 on his channel.

“I was excited about it, but it had kind of slowed down. I was still putting content on there, but I was getting a lot of new followers.” Said Dalton. Then things began to pick up. “One day I woke up and my numbers had jumped up to around 17,000 subscribers.” He remembers. John began to plan at that point launching a website and thinking about a product line for the future. This summer he was featured as one of YouTube’s “Up-and-Coming” channels after he added approximately 1500 subscribers in 24 hours and hit a total of 27,000.

Creek Fishing Adventures is Dalton’s brain child who simply started the channel to share his love of fishing. Now several years and almost 30,000 followers later, he is still doing that, but with a slightly larger crowd. 

John states, “I’ve gotten messages from all over the world but mostly here in the states, and its really neat to hear from people. I want to travel around and fish in a lot of different places.” He’s making plans to do just that!

You can keep up with him on his YouTube channel @CreekFishingAdventures,his website, Facebook, or Instagram. You never know…John may have a Netflix show out soon!