Personal Service…

Not just a catchphrase,

It’s a promise.

The world has entered the Digital Age. There is no denying that.
A business without an Internet presence, will suffer.
However, this digital world does not require the loss of a personal touch.
At Simonis Productions, we are determined to prove this.

Our Story

Our’s is a story of service, to our nation, to family, to God, and to the community. Derek Simonis is a nine year veteran of the U.S. Army, and he spent a majority of his service in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), the “Nightstalkers.” Derek is proud to have served multiple tours over seas with this distinguished unit. 
The story of service only began there, however, as Derek left the military to work with multiple non-profit organizations, ministries, and churches on a reoccurring basis.
Simonis Productions was born out of the desire to serve. Our mission statement “Personal Service In A Digital World” is only the beginning of our core belief of service.
Simonis Productions cares for our clients by offering the most competitive prices in the industry which includes tremendous discounts for ministries and non-profit organizations. In addition, the company faithfully gives back to ministries and non-profits in an effort to lead the way and make a difference. 
Shaw Family Band17

Our Vision

Simonis Productions exists to turn dreams into reality.

•  For the aspiring music artist with a song to share with the world, we help provide a digital platform.
•  The business startup finds a partner in us as we assist them in navigating the online marketplace.
• We are a champion for the stay-at-home Mom working a social media-based business to create extra income for her family.
•  For the churches and non-profit organizations shining the Light of hope into their communities, we partner with and support them.

Ultimately, for each member of our client family, our mission is to be exactly what we are needed to be.

Why Us?

Commitment To Our Client Family

We place the highest priority on the satisfaction of our clients which is why we use the term “family.” If our customers are not successful, we are not either. We consider ourselves a part of the same team. We are focused on the big picture and committed to the long-term success of each member of our family!